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What would define as a likely scenario if somebody you know decides to invite you on a trip and your true plans was to go somewhere fun?

Your plan as a adult camper is either to go to a adult summer camp or a resort, or go to the one with mostly kids that accepts adults with special needs? Typical.

You wrote a letter to a person, requesting assistance based on what you planned yourself, and you re planning with lets say a woman named Leah.

Leah has you has your summer planned to get you back to camp and you are dreaming about this all year and that s what you would talk about is being there without question.

Then at the last minute, somebody comes in and invites you over on a trip with him. His name is Xander and he wants you there but you told him you never went because you were at summer camp. How did Xander take this, he was crestfallen.

Xander is then obligated to take you to camp and stops other people from doing so, stealing escorting jobs from other people to suit his influential interests. He then asks you if you are able to stop going.

Xander won t take no for an answer even when he has encouraged you to say yes or no. You are obligated to say yes and that gives Xander power like an oversized bulldog. This is extremely unhelpful since you are to join him in his quest to oblivion. Who knows, he might be a Succubus.

It is completely out of sorts on the escort s part to openly express thoughts like a pundit and then use them against you to enforce his way of thought how 25 year old men with autism should live. They may not be able to live by themselves but going to camp is a right.


Not only is it a right. It is also a privilege too. You have the right but you also have self-responsibility. This is right and responsibility and those two factors also encourage you to have the right to say yes or no. I am travelling with a caretaker, not the thug from the Godfather.

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    so basically this guy is speaking for you and pushing you into decisions you would not have made?? I am assuming you are still at camp with him? It is too late to fire him--but you can certainly speak your mind--you are 25 yrs old and you do not need to do things to please this person. Say "NO" with no explanations-no modifications--just say "NO" when you are uninterested in an activity. And then walk away....(unless he's telling you that you need to eat something--cuz you haven't eaten in 3 days or that maybe you need a shower...) otherwise--realize you may have a disability, but that doesn't make you a child-you have rights. if you are not at camp yet--tell him, thank you-but you do not need his services-and then call Leah and go to camp as you wanted.

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    "You are obligated to say yes." No, you're not "obligated." You always have choices. Just say "no" and hire a limo service to drive you to this camp.

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    i wouldve said no to hirn and to leave rne alone before he gets in trouble for harrassrnent

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