Girlfriend has severe dizziness, fatigue, and headaches?

Hello all, I don't typically come here for answers but my girlfriend has severe anxiety. And she has told me she gets sick really often (probably from a bad immune system from her anxiety)

But recently like 2 months ago she developed this bump on her right side-hip, like near her uterus(I think?) that hurts a lot when she moves, but when she walks for a long period of time it seems to either get worse or get better. (It seems to switch off on different days) - she's afraid to go to a doctor about this..

But the other thing she ran into 3 weeks ago is extreme fatigue, fever (high of 103), headache: I took her to an urgent care- they thought she had Lyme and gave her like doxycycline and it made everything worse- now since her doctor took her off the medicine her symptoms have stayed about the same, especially with nausea and fatigue.

She's worried she has Lupus but her parents and I have convinced her it cannot be since a lot of the signs she does not exhibit. But I'm not sure if anyone has had these symptoms before and had some type of cure/remedy? She'll be going to the doctor this weekend!

Thanks, all!


Her tests came back NEGATIVE for lyme, so we have no idea what it is.

** she usually gets sick with bronchitis, strep or like flu often- but nothing like this variety**

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  • Marc
    Lv 7
    6 months ago

    This is a complex case that will require help from multiple healthcare providers. If she has lymes it is a long road to recovery. This complicated by lupus because her immune system is compromised. On top of that there are gynecological issues and mental health issues. There is no quick fix and her case will take time, patience and lots of love to help her push through. Good luck

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  • 6 months ago

    Get her to a doctor immediately! Her doctor, urgent care, something. Do not delay until the weekend. Something is wrong, and she should not have let it go this long.

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