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At the age of 17- if I tell my dentist that I don’t want my dad to know about my treatment or my dental care, is that allowed ?

I know that my teeth are not in the best state. And I was wondering whether if I was to ask my dentist at my check up that they keep my treatment and dental records between just me and them, that they could agree to that? Because I’m 17 and I’ll be 18 by the time I have my actual fillings that need doing, would that withstand and would they agree to not tell my dad about my results from the check up and what needs doing?

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    You tell your dentist that you are postponing any treatment until you turn 18 so that your parents won't aggravate you about your dental treatments you want it kept confidential the dentist will understand.

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  • 6 months ago

    No, because in the U.S. you are still not of legal age. So therefore anything and everything is up to the guaridans otherwise that company is in risk of a liability issue. They don't won't that so sorry bro the answer is no

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    • Tavy
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      In the UK all of your medical treatment is private from 15 upwards. No Dentist would bother telling your parents, you are the patient, it ends there. The same with your Doctor or a hospital.

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