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What literary devices are used in the poem Wahbegan by Jim Northrup?


Like give examples of the lines where literary devices are used and how

Update 2:

examples like paradox, assonance, metaphor, metonymy just examples like this literary devices

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    First sentence is a rhetorical question. Last sentence also a question, therefore poem is framed.. Poem is written in lines of one, two, and three feet, mostly iambs ("for fifteen tortured years"), though first line is trochaic and there are anapests ("in my mouth"). It's free verse, apparently artless ("Didja"); that is meant to give a spontaneous feel and at the same time as it adds to the pathos because the effecti is seemingly not calculated. The poem withholds: we don't know how the speaker's brother killed himself, and even the fact that he did so is not said directly. Finally, there is a paradox: he "died in the war" but "made it through." (He did not physically die but mentally and emotionally was killed.)

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  • 6 months ago

    Didja ever hear a sound,

    smell something,

    taste something,

    that brought you back

    to Vietnam, instantly?

    Didja ever wonder

    when it would end?

    It ended for my brother

    he died in the war

    but didn't fall

    down for fifteen tortured years

    His flashbacks are over,

    another casualty whose name

    will never be on the Wall

    some can only find peace

    in death

    The sound of his family

    crying hurt

    The smell of the flowers

    didn't comfort us

    The taste in my mouth

    still sours me

    How about a memorial

    for those who made it

    through the war

    but still died

    before their time?

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