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My baby will NOT sleep for nothing?

He only sleeps really late at night but ends up waking up at 6am every morning. Even after a feeding he’s up. Even in the car rides when he does sleep as soon as I take him out of that car with him in his car seat, he’ll start crying. I can’t EVER catch a break. He’s ALWAYS awake and constantly needs to be held and I feel like he constantly has to be doing something. I can’t even get a 5 minute break without having to run to him. He’ll cry even if his diaper isn’t wet, if he’s not hungry.. I try putting him in his swing.. nope. He starts crying again.. throughout the day he’s always awake and crabby. He was checked for acid reflux and he doesn’t have it, he does have an ear infection but he’s been on medicine for like 4 or 5 days so he should be feeling better by now.... what do I do???

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    If he's had an ear infection that will cause his sleep patterns to change, and although he's been on medication for 4 or 5 days, it might take longer to work, and a bit longer for him to return to his regular sleep.

    One more thing. You REALLY need to get someone to take him off your hands for a few hours so you can catch up on YOUR sleep. Your son is probably reacting to your state of mind and will react positively if you are in a better mood.

    Hang in there. Time and a little help will work wonders for you both.

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    Try changing the baby's formula from milk to soybean milk farina. It may cure a great deal of problems. It certainly cannot hurt the baby.

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    What do you do? Go to the doctor to see about treatments for post-partum depression. You knew what you were getting into (didn't you?) when you became pregnant, and if you didn't, well, I feel sorry for you.

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