Can you make good money doing YouTube vlogging compared to getting a degree in a demanding major?

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  • 1 year ago
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    Yes, but You'll end upworking a lot longer & harder every day of every week than You would in other "skilled trades" to be "successful & wealthy".

    Basically it's a job & they're Your Employers. As with all employers, they want to let You make lots of money but they want to keep as much of it as they can & pay You as little as possible.

    It's also a very high cost job, since it involves notonly being on-camera ready to make vids (Like TV Anchormen & women), but it also places You right in front of the entire world & all of it's evils.

    And it's a pretty sure bet that they won;t provide You with a private security team if You end up with the genuine problem fans all over the news lately.


  • 1 year ago

    Not these days you can't, as they made it tough going since February 2018 when they changed the rules for getting the thumbs-up for earning money directly from advertising on the platform, and even pulled the plug on all creators performing under the new threshold of 1000 subscribers + 4000-hours a year of watchtime.

    If you don't meet those requirements and maintain/grow from them, then your only other option is to promote affiliate offers to your viewers once you've gained their trust and can master making a sales pitch (e.g. when you see YouTubers promoting meal kits, razor subscription introductory offers, Audible + game apps, etc).

    Even then they keep throwing additional spanners in the works that can cause you to have to kiss your channel goodbye, even for things as petty as other users being an a**hole in the comments on your videos and you don't adequately moderate the comments.

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    Hey anonymous, how have you been? Yeah, I’ve been pondering about the idea of making YouTube videos bc I’ve heard of other people’s stories and experiences with the interest they have in their personal life. They use that to catch people/viewers and as long as they are liking their vids they can monetize from just creating interesting content.

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    Yes. But most people don't succeed in making a high income. It's like asking:

    Can you make good money being a rock musician or NFL player compared to getting a degree in mechanical engineering?

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  • 1 year ago

    What do you think you have that you could put in a vlog that thousands of people would be interested in, week after week? Look at the vlogs already on YouTube. The great majority of them are dullsville, not something you'd tune into every few days.

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