Surround sound system use?

So I recently dug out an old surround sound system I had laying around and ran all the wiring and speakers in my room. However I realized that it runs sound through RCA cable and my PS4 use RCA obviously. I tried an HDMI to RCA adapter but my TV is ******* stupid and won’t pick it up like that. I ran the video cord to the TV and the 2 audios to the surround sound system. I can use Spotify on my PS4 but would like to do it from my phone to the system. I doubt this is possible in any easy configuration so would it just be easier buying a Bluetooth amp for the whole thing? And if so, any good amps? It has 4 surround speakers, a center for in front of the TV, and a self power sub which uses an RCA. I know that’s a lot but any ideas?

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  • 3 months ago

    Okay,speakers are run by two copper wires.-like your lamp,or electric egg beater. One is considered the ground, or negative , the other the positive wire. Actually the wires carry a alternating current signal, and could be hooked up in reverse, but while they would work, one speaker's drivers would end pulling back when the other pushed forward, causing what is called an "out of phase" condition. Most RCA ended plugs for speakers are there just to make it simpler to plug up and keep both speaker cabinet's cones receiving the signal "in Phase" or the same way, so that they push in and out at the same time across all the speaker cabinets.. They have no other special property, and most speakers do just fine with bare wire hook - ups, long as you are careful to hook the negative and positive wires to the same terminals on the speaker and amp. Another words, the RCA jacks are just a plug type, for convenience sake..

  • 5 months ago

    By the sound of it, the old system you have is an old cheap and nasty all-in-one system with a built in disc player. Such systems were utter garbage, and the only place to place one like that now is the garbage. Especially as it cannot handle most of the input and outputs you want to use.

    The far better choice would be a proper modern audio receiver, one that can handle all of the input and output types you wish to use, coupled with a set of proper home audio speakers. The speakers that came with the cheapie crappy system you have likely cannot (And, should not) be used with any other gear. Toss them.

  • 5 months ago

    Doesn't your TV have a headphone jack on the side of it! if you look back there I'll bet you'll find a headphone jack the audio output Jack where you can plug a set of headphones into it.

    so first get yourself a set of headphones the cheapest ones you can get cut the headphones off and throw the headphones and the garbage strip the wires the ground wire goes to the minus wire on your RCA cable the other two wires are the left in the right channel you should be able to cut the end off of your RCA jacks and use a little bit of tape and have it work perfect for about $3

    • ANDRE L
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      You're spectacularly absurd. There are plenty of inexpensive analog audio cables with a headphone plug at one end and a stereo pair of RCA plugs at the other. Trying to make such a cable at home is absurd.

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