what is the best way to avoid reckless and speeding drivers?

Hello all! I was wondering what is the best way I can avoid reckless and careless drivers. Every single day there are like 2-3 accidents in my city, and the people here drive horribly. There are no traffic cameras and I drive, I always have people try to cut me off very fastly and I don't understand why they do this? I drive right on the speed limit because of the amount of people who cut people off and people crossing the streets from no where! What are tips someone can give me? I can't ride a bike because of the distance I drive to work and I just graduated college and Im in the hiring process with a full time agency. I wanna leave this city I live in so badly but I can't now because I don't have a full time job! Any tips?

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  • gerald
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    5 months ago
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    Not many just stick to your own intuitions you sound sensible and are doing the right thing you cannot change those around you as you will be the one to suffer, do not enter their recklessness to compete I have found in life it will be you that has the accident not those that deserve it its life stick to your abilities you will get there you have what it takes

  • 5 months ago

    Take the train. If you drive you will meet them.

  • 5 months ago

    The other two answers make good points. I will alld that you should get a dash cam with both front and rear cameras. I only got one after being rear ended twice. The last one wrecked my car and the driver lied and said I backed into her. With a dash cam, at least if a bad driver hits you, there is a record of the event and it will stand up in court.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Go take a professional behind-the-wheel defensive driving course. Changing where you live isn't going to help much. I've driven nearly a million miles all over north America and in nearly every major city. These reckless and careless drivers are EVERYWHERE. Why do you think insurance rates are so high? Taking a course will also reduce your insurance premiums.

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