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Ohio Unemployment help?

I was laid off two weeks ago from my job. I filed my application the first Monday after my last day. I was told no severance pay just vacation would be paid out so I answered no severance with the application question. I found out on Monday that I was getting some severance one weeks worth with my vacation time that was being paid out. I called Ohio unemployment office and told them of the situation that I answered no initially because I was told no severance pay. I made the amendment with the state of Ohio unemployment office by phone with the correct information on how much I was paid. The lady said it shouldn’t be an issue. Will this hurt my chance of getting unemployment? The state reached out to me on more information with my claim as an issue with my benefits. Please advise.

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    "Will this hurt my chance of getting unemployment?" No, of course not. In fact it helps because companies do not pay severance pay when they terminate a person for cause. The payment supports your claim that you were laid off due to lack of work.

    If you received one weeks severance, you will not receive the first weeks unemployment benefit.

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    It should not hurt you at all. Make sure you have a note of the person you spoke to, time and day and if the issue comes up, you can appeal and state who you spoke to and when. However, it likely won't be an issue - if she noted it properly in your file.

    Source(s): Certified Paralegal, with 25+ years' experience and with Employment law experience.
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    You are either eligible for unemployment or not. The severance will just affect WHEN you are eligible.

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