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Anonymous asked in PetsDogs · 9 months ago

My dog won't eat!!?

I have a seriously picky eater for a dog!!! 1 1/2 year old boxer, English bulldog mix. We've gone to the vet, spent almost 5 hundred last week on xray, ultrasound and tests. Everything came back normal. Long story short he had issues with constipation in the past, even needed surgery for it. So when he started getting weird and not eating, I immediately took him to the vet last Wednesday, 6 days ago. I didn't think it was constipation this time, because I've been watching to make sure he's going regularly. It wasn't, there is no type of blockage. Blood work, fecal test both came back normal. Teeth looked good. Came home, still just picking at his food. He has now completely refused to eat his food for 3 days now. He'll eat treats and since getting desperate I've given some cold meat slices. Which he devoured. I've had to switch his food many times, to find one that helps prevent constipation and that he likes. He's been on this brand for many months now and before this past week, he has always loved it. I'm super perplexed at what to do!!

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5 Answers

  • 9 months ago

    High daytime and night time outdoor heat often causes dogs to stop eating or to eat FAR LESS since they are generally far less active.

    I have shown (i.e. exhibited Weimaraners) for over 35 years and YOUR dog is NOT underweight (he is overweight) and no, I know loose skin (so stop with THAT excuse)!

    Every time you CAVE and "cater" to the dog being 'finicky" you encourage further likelihood he will CONTINUE to GO "ON STRIKE" (when he gets REWARDED for NOT EATING HIS REGULAR FOOD)!!! He is going to LEARN being "finicky" PAYS HUGE dividends....... if he hasn't picked up on that =>>>> already. So STOP with the d@MN treats! No dog EVER died of self-induced hunger.

    Pick a suitable food for his digestive needs and STICK to it. It is acceptable to ROTATE foods every 3 months, if you can find 2 or 3 other diets you can offer that work for him. Adding plain canned pumpkin (a FIBER) can help solve 2 different problems in dogs - both diarrhea and constipation. Try adding 2 tablespoons and you can go up to to 1/2 cup per meal but do so very gradually and only use as much as is needed. Adding pureed, fresh green leafy veggies may also be helpful (as more fiber) but exercise also HELPS move bowels. In hot weather, SWIMMING is a very safe exercise.

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  • Maxi
    Lv 7
    9 months ago

    " He'll eat treats and since getting desperate I've given some cold meat slices. Which he devoured. I've had to switch his food many times" are making him picky!

    Dogs will be like this if when they stop eating you run around and find something better... so they wait until you do, then they stop and you run around and find something else, get them a 'treat' or a taste snack.... so stop.

    Find a good quality dog food and stick to it, get your dog weighed so you know what amount of food to feed and like you have meal times , no free feeding( meanig do not leave food on the floor for him to choose when/if he wants it), no treats whatsoever, no tasty extras, no added additions to the food and no bits of your food.

    Lead walk the dog daily, that gets his muscles moving and his bladder/bowels, as well as socialising him, when you get back get his food, call him, make him sit and feed, if he doesn't come when called then he doesn't get the food, you put it up out of his way and try again the next meal time, same with if he takes a mouthful but then walks away uninterested, lift the food and make him wait until the next meal time.... AND NO TREATS AT ALL.... this is when you need to be strong as your dog is manipulating you.

    I am suprised the vet didn't give him vitamin E especially as you say his health check is all clear....vitamin E makes them hungry, so is often given when dogs are not eating how they should... nothing stops you purchasing a 100-IU vitamin E capsules and giving him a couple a day by the end of the week he will be eating when you feed him, every time you feed him and the meal you give him.

    As for 'treats' you don't give treats for nothing, you ask him to earn them by doing what you tell him to do, so new trick etc and any treats you take from their meal, you do not give 'extra' or buy the junk sold as treats or you will end up with a dog that is over weight with bad teeth and a poor digestive system as the ingredients in 95% of treats people purchase are zero use nutrienally for a dog and so very bad for dogs

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Maybe he only wants water, who are you to judge?

    • Katie9 months agoReport

      Well, as his owner, it's my responsibility to take care of him. So I judge him. Constantly.

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Stop worrying about it. Your dog is a little bit overweight (sorry) so clearly this is not a chronic problem.

    Stop spoiling him with meat slices just to get him to eat. Not only are you training him NOT to eat what he's supposed to, you could end up giving him pancreatitis.

    Make sure he gets adequate exercise. Give him free access to the food that's good for his constipation. And cut out the treats. Have you tried using a spoon or two of canned food mixed with the dry?

    You're inventing a problem where there is none. He's not starving and the vet says he's not sick. He prefers meat slices to kibble. Meat slices in large quantity aren't good for him especially if they are processed deli meat slices.

    ETA: Giving him processed meat like ham just made him want to eat ham. If you want to try to entice him to eat, mix a lower fat protein source with his food. That would be unseasoned chicken breast, scrambled egg, low-fat cottage cheese, etc. And yes, three slices of ham is enough for some dogs to develop acute pancreatitis. Vets see this all the time especially during the holidays when people think it's nice for the dog to have ham for Christmas dinner too.

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    • *****
      Lv 7
      9 months agoReport

      Your dog is not a "breed", he is a mix, and there is no ideal weight range for a mix. Plus, there are plenty of animals who are at healthy weights that are smaller or larger than the standard calls for even with a purebred. The dog in the photo is obese, that is NOT all "extra skin".

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  • 9 months ago

    Mine are doing the same thing. I don't worry cause the heat is extreme & dogs don't eat as much in the summer month as they do in winter months. A dog will not starve it's self, so just leave the food down & he will eat when he is hungry. Do not keep giving him treats & human food, he will eat when he is hungry.

    Mine will go two or three days without eating, but like yours, mine don't show any signs of massive weight loss. Looks quite healthy to me.

    Missing a few meals is not going to harm your dog. You have been to the Vet & he can't find anything wrong with the dog & didn't even try to tell you that this is normal for many dogs. He wanted you to come back & come back & come back, getting more & more of your money.

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