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My cousin told me Microsoft is coming out with a disc less version of xbox one. Does this mean soon xbox one games will only be online?


Seriously, I hope not!

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    Its already out. The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, since May.

    No it doesn't mean that. There are still disc versions of the One S & One X. Also the next Xbox, currently code named Project Scarlet will support discs as well as digital versions of games.

    Google's Stadia console is all digital only, which is more like what you think Microsoft is heading towards.

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  • 6 months ago

    It's already released.

    It's called "Xbox One S All-Digital Editon". (people call it the Xbox SAD)

    It has no Blu-Ray drive so you have to download all content digitally.

    They still have the normal "S" and "X" models at a higher price, so discs aren't going anywhere.

    "Project Scarlett" will also support discs (an all-digital version may be available later on, or even at launch for those who want it, but that definitely won't be digital-only).

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