Would this be a valid reason for having your very young child change schools?

A child is enrolled into a particular school before age 5. She's shy & marches to the beat of her own drum; she hates her teacher of her very first year (aka preschool) there or at least gets along poorly with her. She has another teacher for her second year but she too gives negative info to her mother about her. Since it's the same teacher from the first year who's teaching the third year (kindergarten), the child's mom decides to send her to a totally different school. If it was a totally different person who's teaching the third year, her mother would've kept her at the very first school she sent her. Would it be based on good sense to have this child go to another school because she's not compatible with the teacher that does both first year & third year?


"she too gives negative info to her mother about her" means the TEACHER gives negative info about CHILD not CHILD gives negative info about TEACHER.

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    Maybe. It depends on whether or not the new school is using a different curriculum or educational approach. The parent should be interacting with the child's teachers, observing the classroom, and discussing the child's development with educational specialists, teachers, and administrators in the school rather than relying on a 5-year-old as the basis for educational decisions.

    Sometimes a teacher is not a good fit for a particular child. Sometimes an entire educational philosophy or curriculum isn't idea of a given student. Sometimes parents blame schools and teachers for their own shortcomings or fail to accept that their child may be the one who needs to adapt.

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    Some teachers are viciously cruel to tiny little kids. Keeping her away from that kind of person is a good thing as long as it's not every teacher and not just one teacher if it's every teacher then you have a paranoia problem. Also "negative information" isn't "your child is having some problems learning to read." That may hurt your pride but that is the teacher doing their job and helping your child if it's stuff like "your child is lazy" then that's a bad teacher.

    As usual some of the people answering the question assume that adults are always in the right and not sometimes malicious psychopaths in privileged positions and I know that's not true. SOMETIMES little kids are actually in the right against a bad adult.

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    But why haven't you, the parent, had a couple of serious discussions with the school about all this FIRST?

    Why are you letting your 'very young child' decide what's best for her? You're a parent: so BE a parent.

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      I'm not saying anything so definite. I'm just saying if the problem is with more than just one teacher, maybe the teacher isn't the problem.

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    It sounds like someone is spoiling their child and blaming the child by saying they March to their own drum beat. That's ridiculous. Start raising the kid right and let them know things aren't always unicorns and rainbows. They are in school to learn, millions of kids don't like their teachers but that's life and it's best to learn that at a young age.

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    If you really think a five year old is capable of deciding her own education perhaps you should leave her to it.

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