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How to shake sudden depression out of nowhere?

I have suddenly started to feel depressed out of nowhere. I lost my job in May and I’m currently working at a summer camp making substantially less then I was making at my full time job. It was just something to get me by until I can find full time work. Financially I’m struggling I’ve actually had to take a mortgage out on the house to borrow a little bit of money. My house is paid off in full. This depression started this past week or so. I’m typically not a depressed person so this is a bit unusual for me. I just can’t seem to shake it. Any advice?

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    Seek medical help. Go talk to a doctor.

    In the mean time, force yourself to eat healthy, stay hydrated, get some sunshine, and daily exercise (a nice brisk walk is good exercise, you don't have to hit a gym). These things aren't a cure so to speak, but will help if you can make a routine of it.

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