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Foods to gain weight, FAST?

Within the next 2 weeks or so I need to gain some significant weight. During this time I won’t be exercising too much so don’t need to worry about that. And please don’t give me the “eat healthy” crap. Whatever foods that will max out my weight ASAP, fat or otherwise, I need to know. Any help is much appreciated.

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    Glycogen supercompensation. Its what bodybuilders do to temporarily add 10 pounds of pump before a show. The effect only lasts a few days.

    Step 1) Restrict calories for 3 days to deplete muscles of several lbs. of stored water and glycogen

    Step 2) Perform a full body workout before breakfast to finish depleting muscles

    Step 3) Consume 4500 extra calories mostly carbs over the next 36 hours. This could be 15 cups of skim milk with 5 tablespoons of sugar added to each. Have 10 in the first 18 hours and the remaining 5 over the next 18 hours. Do not cut back on normal meals. Have the extra calories between meals including getting up at least once during the night. Drink as much water as you can. The gained weight will be water and glycogen loaded into muscles.

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  • 8 months ago

    Talk with a certified nutritionist

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  • 8 months ago

    chocolate, bread, all the sugar

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