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If you & your family were going to be killed but Mexico offered you asylum and you can NOT go to the U.S., Monaco, Dubai...only Mexico or...?

death, what would you do?

Die or live safely in Mexico?

Let's say Brazil and Canada are also available?

What would you do for your family?


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  • Jon
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    1 year ago

    Sorry, but none of these other places are available....under current laws/agreements.

    Central Americans are required to apply at the 1st country with an asylum policy....

    that would be Mexico. (asylum shopping not allowed)

  • 1 year ago

    It would be like choosing between a rock and a hard place. Whatever I chose it will be miserable and doomed to be miserable forever. Parents risk themselves and their children to escape Mexico for a reason.

    Let us leave the "what if's" up to those who sadly have to make those decisions and just thank god that we don't have to BUT too have sympathy for those who have to make those choices for themselves.

  • 1 year ago

    Go to Mexico. It's a cool place.

  • Pat
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    1 year ago

    Many Americans (including friends of mine) and Canadians live very happily in Mexico -- but they are retired and their money goes much farther there. Canada is a lovely country but they do have strict requirements for who can live there. My daughter married a doctor in Brazil and she loves it there. Family killed? NO!

    Guatemalan citizens are facing severe climate change, dying crops and severe food shortage. “She noted that drought and unprecedented winds have destroyed successive corn crops, leaving the family destitute, adding, “And because I had no money, my children died,” Both her children, Isamara and Vidalia, died as infants in the last couple of years, Vidalia just six months ago. The great majority of these kids will migrate. . . There is not enough rain, so their only option is to migrate.”

    Guatemala: 'Food Doesn't Grow Here Anymore. That's Why I Would Send My Son North.'

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  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    I'd go to the US so i could end up in a processing center and get a nice comfy bed, a hot shower and 3 meals a day.

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