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Am I wrong to dump him?

It's gotten to a point where it seems like once a week my boyfriend and I are arguing over him ignoring my text. For some reason on random days he'll choose not to respond to my text or return my calls for up to 8 hours. I have expressed my displeasure with this multiple times and all he can say is that he's not glued to his phone.

We were suppose to have a date yesterday. I text him yesterday morning around 10 to ask if he could meet me around 6. He didn't respond. I called him on my lunch break and got no answer. By the time I got home around 5:30 he finally answered saying he'd been laying down all day because he was sick with acid reflux. I have acid reflux and I know it's not severe enough to have you incapacitated for a whole day. I told him that I can no longer have these conversations with him about his selfishness and how he could've responded to the text to tell him he was sick. He just claimed it was in another room but then he tells me he called his mom, the doctor and went to the store earlier. Then why was I ignored? Was it wrong to break up? He claims I'm overreacting but I told him he makes me feel like I'm not important to him.

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    People make time for people they WANT to see. If you don't feel someone is meeting your needs it's perfectly okay to break up with them.

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    I would sit down and have a conversation with him. Explain that good communication is very important you. And that currently the two of you have horrible communication and you want to fix that. Ask him if he has any suggestions before you offer your own. Explain that it really upsets you when you clear time out of your schedule to spend time with him, and he makes that difficult.

    Based on his response, make your decision. I think there is a lot of truth to the first response to your question, ie that he lacks interest.

    Accept yourself for who you are. You are someone who needs a man who can communicate properly. That is not who he is. And if you've argued about this, My current belief is he is not going to change for you. That means it's time to move on. Don't let it offend or hurt you.

    Focus on Finding a man who will have the decency, respect, and love for you to never want to miss a chance to be with you or hear your voice.

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    ok honey listen up. there are two types of men in life: one texts back instantly, the other doesnt because he's not interested. i have an older brother who is currently in a relationship and he texts back almost instantly, indicating that he wants to continue this relationship and make her feel happy and like she's wanted. Because if they don't respond, then like ?? it's like a job interview, if the interviewer doesn't bother asking questions about you, it's clear that they dont want you. so either take my advice and forget him, or continue with this relationships that's clearly going nowhere. if you guys end up marrying, and he doesn't respond when you say "i think im giving birth" what are you going to do then????

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    hes busy sometimes but make sure he knows how u feel and he shuold respect ur feelings.

    give this more time and get to bottom of this.

    ask him in a calm manner what he does on days u guys dont talk. and say thingsl ike "it makes me sad when we dont talk in a day, i really love you." if hes mean thats how u know hes an asshole

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