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What should I do about the lunatic who scratched my car yesterday?

Me and my friend were hanging out at a tight parking lot last night chatting with each other. This guy pulls off between us and scratches our cars. We shouted at him and told him he had all that space to exit. He responded with no he didn’t because our cars were jammed between his and he didn’t have enough space to actually maneuver far away from between us to pull out without hitting our cars. From closer look, it turns out he really didn’t have quite enough space to work with. So he told my friend she needs to move her van and he’ll settle things with the both of us. After she moves, he quickly pulls out and takes off out of the parking lot as fast as possible so we couldn’t get his license plate. She doesn’t care about her rear-end getting paint scratched since it was already scratched from the start. But I care about mines! He promised he was going to work things out with us, but immediately left us at tough luck.

What should I do? I hate liars and I hate my damaged car!

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  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    Take a picture, file a report, give their description/car to the police

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  • 7 months ago

    Sue her as. But it's best that you get the license plate

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