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Can your girlfriend/boyfriend be your family?

Lets suppose two teenagers were outcasts and not loved neither by their parents nor by their families. They are both good guys, the girl studies and is really good at school, is a caring and lovely girl but she is always mistreated and bullied. She locked herself in an imaginary world full of poetry, books and imagination to escape from her reality. The guy has unemployed parents who count on him for support. He has to do a job he dont like and he has to take care of a teenage brother who messes around with girls and gets himself in trouble. Since they are basically the same he was almost hit for a misunderstanding and person exchange. The guy was never loved and has to hide himself from a band of migrants for them he did translation, he intercepted the commission of the death of a person they were aiming to revenge on and saved a life. Since then he lives afraid they will find him. They find each other snd it's love at first sight. The girl admires him and can only love him, he wants to protect her and finally finds a good girl he can have feelings for. They are so attached to each other they feel like family

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    Two like them look meant for each othet and yes, that includes even being family to one another

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