Are these sentences correct?


(What time / to go to bed)

What time do you go to bed?


(my friend / to have lunch)

My friend has lunch at noon.


(farm / city)

What two do you prefer, farm or city?


(company / bridge)

The company will pass on the bridge.


(until / late)

Until when will you stay here? You will arrive late at work.


(neighbor / instrument)

My neighbor has many musical instruments.

1 Answer

  • 6 months ago

    03 - is incorrect because you are asking for two things that are preferred but there are only two things in the list. What if I had a list of numbers

    9, 10

    and I asked you, "Which two numbers in that list are the largest?"

    So, it should read *something like*

    - Which do you prefer, farm or city?

    Now: "farm or city" is pretty...oddly specific. You might want to change that to more general terms, such as

    - Which do you prefer, the country or the city?

    - Which do you prefer, country life or city life?

    - Which do you prefer, rural life or urban life?

    04 - If you are speaking of a military "company", it should read

    - The company will pass over the bridge.


    - The company will cross the bridge.

    05 - the first sentence is awkward. I would redo the thing entirely. Example:

    - If you don't leave home until six o'clock you will be late for work.

    The others are correct.

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