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Have there been many generations of many male population killed through history because of wars?

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    Would the next generation learn to stay alive by observing the former? Would grandpa teach the grandson different from the son? Would grandma teach the granddaughter different from the daughter? Would genetically similar others mimic a different family line? Would genetically similar others adopt a different worldview? Did populations with a different worldview mimic genetically similar foreparents?

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    Many have as with any sex or race.

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    Show me a war where nobody was killed.

    You can't, can you?

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    Yeah and I'll get political here. Suffrage was only a male privilege because it was these men who were sent off to get killed in war. Women not being able to vote had nothing to do with their sex. They just didn't go off to war so were not afforded the vote and rightly so. Many men have been wiped out because of war.

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      labour and the risk of death.

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