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Taking a trip to Berlin at 17. Getting drunk for the first time in my life. What should I expect?

I am from the United States where the drinking laws are exceptionally strict. I've never even had an alcoholic beverage during my lifetime but am ready for that to change.

I intend to get pretty drunk, but not hammered.

I am not planning on having a good time or bad time, though want to undergo the experience that practically everyone has gone through as a homo sapiens.

I want to remain as level-headed as possible, and every drink I take I want to pretend that it is not alcohol. Like a placebo, but the utter antithesis of the customary code.

As the intoxication augments, what shall I anticipate?


@Anonymous I don't know what world you live in pal, but you can't initiate laws between separate jurisdictions.

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  • Foofa
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    6 months ago

    As a booze virgin you'll get drunk pretty fast so pace yourself so you don't die of alcohol poisoning. Also you'll want to do this in a controlled environment with people who trust to take care of you. If you think alcohol laws are "exceptionally strict" in the US you haven't seen how strict Germany's public drunkenness laws are.

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Oh great, another drunk yank. Getting drunk underage will get you swiftly arrested, that is if you manage to get served anywhere. Your travel insurance will not cover you for anything if you're drinking underage and I'm sure you'll be throwing your guts up in the emergency department within a couple of hours. If you're going to be a dick stay at home; we don't want you visiting and ruining other people's pleasant night out.

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  • 6 months ago

    You can control your level of intoxication by drinking slowly. One liter of beer for someone your age is probably enough to get you intoxicated.

    Intoxication produces a silly kind of feeling, and even if you don't slur your speech or get dizzy, you might say things that are out of line. This could be hazardous in a foreign country, so it would be good to have a friend with you who can put a lid on your behavior just in case.

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