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Why wont she stop trying to force me to try pegging??

Adult question: My girlfriend keeps trying to pressure me into trying pegging. Even though I told her I'm not interested she accuses me of being selfish and inconsiderate. I just think its weird, especially since she's takes it so personally when I say I dont want to. I'm very traditional in regards to intimacy (not into like oral or anal) but she is making it out to be an issue. We both try to compromise for each other but everyone draws a line somewhere but she isnt respecting my line at all and saying she might have to seek it out elsewhere even though we are on the same page about everything else. Why is she making this such an issue. Yea, we're young and all but I guess I have an old soul. Any advice.

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    apparently she has done it, liked it and wants to do it to you........i can see your point but myself i will try anything

  • Mystic
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    1 year ago

    Time for a new girlfriend then. If your partner can't be respectful of you, they need to go. If you aren't into it, you're not into and do NOT have to do it. She suggested it, you said no. That should be the end of it. She needs to grow up before she tries to be in a relationship.

  • 1 year ago

    Sexual desires aren't exactly rational. There's little why to them, they just are.

    Maybe you two could watch porn that features pegging while making love. That might satisfy her.

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