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Is it bad that I feel insecure when wearing makeup?

I never wear makeup at all.

I've worn liquid eyeliner a total of 3 times when I was about 10 or so years old. I am now 15 and or some reason I wanted to try it. Since I didn't have any makeup I used one of my drawing pen brushes and it worked just as well. As soon as I put it on I felt insecure like it wasn't the real me, Kinda scares me to wear makeup because I don't want someone to think I'm prettier with it than without is it bad I feel insecure when wearing makeup?

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  • 7 months ago

    IMO you should feel secure either way, and it's not really up to other people to make that kind of decision for you. I know teens have a desperate desire to fit in, but unless you're hanging out with lesbian feminists, I don't think anyone is going to judge you for wearing cosmetics. One of the benefits of cosmetics is they offer some protection to the skin.

    Please be careful with markers. The alcohol in them can be very irritating to the eyes.

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