Does telling white people they have privilege hold coloured people back?

Does it hold coloured people back when they’re constantly told only white people have privelege? Could this add to low self esteem and low self worth when coloured people are constantly told only white people are privileged?

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    I am Black and that's not my narrative Whites try and assume my narrative when the truth is I have had it easier than a lot of Whites and those are Whites who live fairly well in a financial sense. I blame Whites for nothing but the character they express right now not in the past. I have never been on welfare, grew up with a loving father who accepts me being gay and atheist, never lived in a ghetto, been in prison and have different properties that I rent out to Whites and had plenty of Whites that worked under my supervision. I guess it makes Whites feel better to think I am those things they assume me to be because I am Black. Makes them feel more superior but Whites never could determine the value of my life or the Blacks who are not doing so well. It's plenty of Blacks that will die with the things that matter with many Whites not having and those things that matter the most.

    Blacks are loved and needed by someone and that makes them more valuable than what they mean to Whites to the point what they feel about us would even not matter as it should because it really does not matter. So valuable I would die for someone Black. Whites have to come to the reality we will always be here no matter what they think and if they want to make it hell that's just what they are going to get but I say life is too short for it, I won't spend my life hating. I choose to live my life and not be in a dark corner hating people who barely knows I exist. I do not have to hate Whites to not want to deal with them nor do I have to insult them. They are not even important enough to invoke hate from me. All that matters to me is them paying their rent on time and do not tear up anything.

    rebecca it doesn't take a psychic to hear what they say and do.

    • rebecca6 months agoReport

      Are you psychic? How do you know what white people think? How do you know what’s in their mind?

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  • 6 months ago

    An interesting study was done. It showed that people that were offended by someone had a greater propensity to offend others themselves thereby making themselves feel morally superior. I think that is what is going on in this case. The people that started this nonsense are just taking advantage of human nature. I'm not justifying it, just offering my opinion of it.

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