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How to help mentally ill person that doesn t want help?

Hi, I have a family member who has been quite odd for awhile now. She has claimed not to be depressed or anything, after her boyfriend broke up with her she just stopped going about her life. She dropped out of college stayed on the couch and has continued to stay on the couch all day long. She had gone 3 months without a shower before her mom finally got her to shower. She has hit her mom in front of people. She once cut off the hair of a 5 year old because it was tangled and it bothered her. Recently she stabbed a family member. She still claims to be normal and I think her mom is just in denial. They both refuse to get her the help she needs. I think it starting to affect her mom she seems unhappy and cold hearted recently. Is there anyway to get her help without their approval. Our family is scared to what she can possibly end up doing to her mother. We think her mom might just be scared of her but we have no way to get through to her. Also the stabbing incident was to stay a secret until someone had ended up finding out. She didn’t tell anyone about her daughter stabbing someone, the only reason someone found out in the family is because the person who got stabbed told someone about it. She also always gives kids the I m watching you hand gesture I’m not sure what she means by that but I know shes not the nicest to kids shes around. Does anyone maybe have any idea what exactly could be going on with her. At first it just seemed like depression but has got worse.

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    Obviously this is far more than clinical depression and there is a lot more things that she does and says that you're not telling here.

    So, what happened when she stabbed her mother? Did Mom go to the ER for medical services? How long ago was this and does she still have the wound?

    So why did no one call the cops the moment it was discovered?

    If she cut off the hair of a child, this is assault on a minor child. Again, why weren't the police called?

    In order to STOP this cycle of craziness and the mother's inability to do what is necessary. SOMEONE in your family needs to call the cops the next time she puts her hands on someone and then go there to the house and let the police in. Tell the police that she needs a psychiatric workup at the nearest ER because she is dangerous to others and she should NOT come home. Offer to go with the police and make sure that she gets hospitalized directly from the ER.

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      The mother is not the one who was stabbed, it was another family member. We don’t have too much info on the situation. The cops weren’t called on any of the occasions because the mom doesn’t want her sent away and is doing anything she can to avoid it by lying to us about her daughter shes in denial

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