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I am planning to study in New Zealand! I want to pursue a 2 year sports management course to begin with! My preferred city is Christchurch!?

I want to pursue a 2 year sports management course to begin with!

My preferred city is Christchurch!

I have been in touch with New Zealand Institute of Sports!

I want to know the kind of opprtunities I will have to get sports skilled jobs after graduation & how this job may help me get a permanent residence in NZ.

& I have heard that Chrischurch is always looking for labour job employees since the earthquake of 2011. Is it true?

I would also love to work in a dairy farm.

But these 2 jobs will only be as part-time for helping with my expenses!

Can anyone here help me with some suggestions please?

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    Those on student visas have restrictions on working while attending school (& you must attend school full-time). Yes, there is construction work in Christchurch still, but skills & experience are generally required, and jobs are typically full-time, which you could not do as a foreign student (even if you are well qualified in any of the construction trades). For farm work, you'll need transportation to get into the countryside.

    You will NOT remain in NZ. Student visas are temporary NON-immigration visas issued on the condition that foreign students return to their country of citizenship immediately upon completion or termination of full-time studies.

    NZ publishes a list of shortage occupations which may be eligible for temporary employment visas if all education AND experience requirements are met. A 2-yr sports management course is NOT going to get you any employment visa anywhere. You can only work in your country of citizenship.

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  • 6 months ago

    In order to get a student visa, you'll have to prove you can afford the full cost of living and studying there without needing to work at all.

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