I’m going to buy a willow chrome sink plug and use train hobby craft wire to build a better handle and get the kitchen floor wiped properly?

Update: (Typing error willow is supposed to read willow!!!)
Update 2: (No again!!, typing error willow is supposed to read wilko!!! I’m sorry!!!)
Update 3: Searched online at wilko for three pound about in price!!!)
Update 4: Hobby craft wire at train enthusiast shop for each colour wrap about four pound each now they went up a bit because they know of other people that use it for other craft work!!!)
Update 5: With a clean enough kitchen sink and plug with extended handle and regular mop and hot dettol water then it’s just a normal wipe over job right!!! No extra allergic worries or getting down on hands and knee worries after I’ve walked a whole mile with shopping too!!!
Update 6: Then just let it dry while I sit down and gain back some momentum and cool off and into a light lunch!!!
Update 7: I also know I use dettol wipes not only in bathroom floor help but wiping my feet because they are filthy every morning from being bare foot on her kitchen floor left like that it’s very dirty real dirt it needs to be properly wiped!!!
Update 8: She doesn’t even need to know I suppose!!! Just have to make sure myself it’s more of a normal wipe down!!,
Update 9: Using her own bleach mop and hang it up as hers still!!!
Update 10: With her bleach mop down and my dettol wash down it should be then clean enough in theory!!!
Update 11: This is on faux vinyl type flooring!!!