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Could my mother's birthchart explain her love-hate marriage with my dad? They've Been married for 25 years now.?

It's like she loves him but hates him at the same time, she praises him for the financial security he's given her but she complains that she's lacked love, although she says she could never leave him and wants to spend the rest of her life with him.

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    She watches too many soap operas. Women are conditioned to say this stuff.

    However, if that's her chart, it's revealing. Virgo rising, so she is Mercury in Pisces (detriment and fall) in the 6th. I would not be surprised if she complains of feeling like a servant (feelings are not necessarily objective reality). Your father is the 7th. Pisces is ruled by Jupiter in the second house of wealth in a water (fertile) sign. You said she likes the financial security and there is his planet in the 2nd. Jupiter also is opposed to the Moon (her emotions), Saturn, ruler of the 5th house of romance and Mars (figure it out). Oppositions are the most difficult aspects (not squares). So in her world, he is opposite of those things. Saturn ruling the 5th is not going to provide much in the way of romance, neither is Venus in Aries. You used the word "hate." That is probably too strong since her ruling planet, Mercury, trines Jupiter, his planet in this chart. More than likely she hates her situation or hates how she perceives her situation.

    That describes things as you stated them. What to do about it? She didn't ask, you did, but I think that is out of bounds in a forum like this anyway, so is looking at her chart without her OK, but it does seem to describe her "plight."

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    That is pretty typical of MOST marriages.

    Once the honeymoon dies off, and our actions start to affect the other person's self-esteem, security, etc ... the problems start. No one is perfect, so there will always be problems in a marriage.

    But 12.5% of all married couples, after about 20 years, learn to stop making a fuss about issues that never get resolved. They decide the person is worth staying with, and that they want to be happy .. and so they accept and stop getting upset over imperfections.

    It takes a very well-adjusted person who has matured emotionally, in order to create a happy nurturing companionable marriage. Most don't.

    As long as we do not recognize that WE are the ones who create our emotional responses, as long as we do not take responsibility for working with our own emotions (instead of blaming the other person and then trying to force them to change), and as long as we cannot accept our partner flaws and all .. we will not have a completely happy marriage.

    Your mother's birthchart will shed some light on her "default" relating needs and behaviors (unless she has outgrown them).

    And your father's birthchart will shed some light on his default relating needs and behaviors.

    And the synastry aspects between her planets and his planets will indicate areas of compatibilty as well as areas of conflict/discord .. and the Signs and houses for those planets indicate why there is harmony and why there is discord.

    But all synastry comparisons show both harmony and discord, and all relationships (once the infatuation/fantasy has died off) have both harmony and discord.

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    she is desperate and probably needs him for the money he brings in.

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