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Is my best friend’s girlfriend troubling?

I think my best friend’s girl is a bit... troubling and he doesn’t seem to think she’s alarming.

Basically this girl peed on her roommate’s toothbrush and then peed in a spray bottle and sprayed it all over her things. This was all because she didn’t invite her to a PARTY. This girl also got her ex’s frat kicked off campus because he was mean to her.

She’s a beautiful girl, is extremely smart and “sweet” according to my best friend. He calls her “angel” “love” “sweetheart” “princess” constantly and can’t seem to stop touching her (not even sexually just in general).

She used to be addicted to drugs, and has literally done bath salts before. She also used to have an addiction to sex and has been with “a lot of guys.” She blamed it on getting molested by her cousin/getting raped on her first date which I feel like is a weird/stupid excuse.

Her best friend used to be a prostitute. She’s also so kinky that she wants him to literally roofie her. She also has anger issues in general. No matter whatxweird **** she tells him he doesn’t care at all

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    Wait until he does something that makes her angry at him. Maybe when he experiences her over the top reaction he'll realize who he is dealing with.

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