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I need help?

I'm particularly close to my chemistry teacher. Her and I have a pretty strong bond. After school once, I went in for help, but she wasn't in her room when I got there. I was having the worst cramps of my life, so I layed down on the couch she has in her room in the fetal position. I was holding my tummy, curled in a ball and crying when she walked in the room (because it hurt so bad). She asked me what was wrong, and I was just like "Oh, nothing, my tummy just hurts." She asked me if I was sick, and I just shook my head. Then she was like "Awww, honey, are you having your period?" Then I just nodded. She gave me some Pamprin out of her purse. I just layed there for a little while, and then she helped me with my homework that I had questions on. It was kinda really awkward at the time, and it still feels weird when I think about it. Is it bad that she knew about this and helped me out in this situation?

Does anybody have a similar experience?

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    No, it’s not bad that she knew about it and helped you out. She was being kind and understanding and remember that she herself went through this when she was your age so she knows how much it can suck at times. It might be weird because she is your teacher but some teachers are nice like that, especially if you are close with a certain teacher.

    I did experience a similar situation like yours but I was not close to this teacher. It actually happened on a school trip and a friend noticed that I had a red stain on the back of my jeans - I know embarrassing! Anyway, I didn’t have any supplies so I either went to the teacher or a teacher offered me a pad (I can’t really remember, it was well over ten years ago). So it was actually my English teacher which was really awkward because I was a really shy and quiet kid who didn’t really talk. She helped me out in the end so I guess that’s something.

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