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What does it feel like to be put to sleep during gallbladder surgery how long does it feel like it takes?

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    I've had general anesthesia a few times. The only painful thing is they put a needle in your arm for a drip. That stays there and they give you all the other meds through that. So only one needle-stick. (I don't like needles.)

    They get you on the table and they all look down at you. Then the anesthesiologist will say something like 'Okay, you'll go to sleep now.' And the very next thing you experience is waking up in the recovery room.

    The last couple of times (umbilical hernia, broken arm) I paid close attention to see if I could feel myself going out. But the next thing I knew, I was waking up. It's not painful, it's not scary, you don't feel ANYTHING. I wonder if dying is like that! 8^O

    After you wake up you're limp as a rag and you need to lay there for a while, because the drug hasn't worn off yet. In half an hour or so you're better enough for them to pour you into a wheelchair and push you out the front door. By that evening you'll be fully recovered.

    Gall bladder surgery is done through little holes these days. They don't even have to open you up. That used to be the most dangerous part.

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    I haven't had gallbladder surgery, but I have had other operations. Sometimes they use a needle with the anesthesia and you honestly don't even notice you're falling asleep. To me, it almost seems as if you time travel from before the surgery to the end. One time, I was given some sort of gas to do it, so I noticed it a bit more, but once you're asleep, it's all completely fine. Don't worry.

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    I haven't had gallbladder surgery in particular, but you don't feel much of anything. They tell you to count backwards from 100, and most people are out by 95.

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