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Scared I have hiv even though I tested negative? Please help me with some advice.?

Okay so I had unprotected oral sex on June 3rd or 4th and I went and got tested at the beginning of this month for stds and everything came back negative. However recently I’ve been feeling like my doctor didn’t conduct the right test because she didn’t see any sores or anything in my mouth and just gave me a urine and blood test. Well now I read online that there’s a window period and so I’m going back next month to test again since I went way before 90 days. I’m just freaking out because now I feel like I’m having symptoms. I have developed these bumps in my mouth that resemble “lie bumps” and my muscle mainly my back and upper butt have been sore but I also haven’t been sleeping in the best conditions since I’ve been stressing myself out. On top of this I have a headache and my throat has been sore but nothing too serious or like overly painful. I just don’t know what to do.. I’m not even sure if the guy had hiv he told me he was cleaned but I just wanna be sure since he is on and off with his girlfriend.

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  • kelvin
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    6 months ago

    you don't have HIV

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  • 6 months ago

    Doubtful that you have HIV. Get tested again at the right time and them if you are negative, you simply have something more common. A urine and a blood test are the correct tests for STIs. (what did you want?)

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