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I need help asap my birds foot is gone (not a troll I really need advice.)?

Before you read this and tell me to bring him to a vet there is no hospital/vet open that can help him I tried calling my vet 10 times and no response.

My bird Rio is a Green Conure very sweet never bites and today I haven't really payed much attention like I should my sleep schedule is messed up and I fell asleep and woke up late so that's why. What happened was he has a metal band around his little right leg and we can't get it off because the breeders said it would be difficult and that it wouldn't hurt him. Long story short he got the metal stuck his little triangle blue tent and at the time nobody was downstairs because when he's eating I leave him in his cage and he looked happy as could be. But later on my mother was downstairs crying trying to help him and he bit off his toes to get unstuck. He's lost a lot of blood and I don't want him to die and I don't know what to do his feathers are ruffled and he's next to me eating and drinking water and that's good but I don't know what to do. I feel like it's all my fault and if I let him out a hour before this would've never happened.


I tried to save him but when I gave him to my mother he didn't make it he just wanted peace and died in her arms. It really haunts me but I think I'll be able to soon feel better I just wanted him to know that he was loved before he passed.

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    I hope this is not too late . . if the wound is still bleeding, try to stop it by dipping his foot (what's left of it) in corn starch or, if you have any in the house, styptic powder or pencil - if you have pets you should always keep this on hand. Birds have very little blood to begin with and a major bleed can kill them in minutes.

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