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I have 3 tattoos but my dad only has one tattoo. Shouldn’t the alpha male have more tattoos than his son and not vice versa?

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  • 7 months ago
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    Smart people don't have tats at all.

    • claude6 months agoReport

      are you special?

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  • 6 months ago

    yes, yes he should

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  • patty
    Lv 5
    7 months ago

    is that why u get tattoos

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  • Bill
    Lv 6
    7 months ago

    real alpha males don't need tatoos

    ONly make believe alpha males need someform of reassurance that they are actually alpha males

    • Martin7 months agoReport

      Amen to that

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  • 7 months ago

    I used to work with a laser, a 70 watt Q-switched ND/YAG steered-beam engraving machine. I put serial numbers, corporate logos, part numbers, etc. on machined parts. In those days most of the people I met and talked to during the day were deliverymen and truck drivers. When they asked about the laser I'd show them how it worked (it was neat to watch!) And then they'd ask me 'Is this the kind of laser that removes tattoos?' I swear, almost every single one asked me that!

    Actually ND/YAG lasers were used to remove tattoos but I didn't know how. I had a comeback. "No, but if you like I can cut your arm off."

    I don't know anyone older than 40 who has tattoos who doesn't wish he could get rid of them.

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  • 7 months ago

    my brother has like 10 tattoos. he's the alpha male. bow down to him.

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