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calculate pressure produced by a force of 562 N acting on an area of 2.0 m/2?

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    Force (F) = 562 N

    Area (A) = 2 m/sec²

    Pressure (P) =?

    We know that,

    Pressure (P) = Force (F)/ Area (A)

    = 562 N/ 2 m/sec²

    = 281 pa

    ∴ Pressure (P) = 281 pa.

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  • 6 months ago

    When I was in grade 2 in primary school they called this a "how many".

    By grade 4 they called it a division.

    What part of "Pressure = Force divided by Area" is a difficult concept?

    Or is it the "divide by 2 " that is hard.

    P = F/A = 562/2 =

    Now lets see. 2 into 5 goes twice carry the one.

    2 into 16 goes 8 with no carry.

    2 into 2 goes 1.

    Put them together to get 281 N/m^2 = 281 Pa

    See how easy it all is?

    The sarcasm was intended to put a bit of pressure onto you. Naturally people know how to divide by 2. But a PHYSICS student should know the definition of pressure.

    P= F/A so a bit more study and keeping up with definitions is needed.

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      that was super easy without the sarcasm of course. lol you spoke layman terms. Thanks Andrew I'm glad youre answering all my questions get you some yahoo points.

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