Advice for NHS Application?

So I m planning on applying for NHS next year, but I m having some trouble with my app.

Some of the categories I have to fill out include: service, leadership, extracurriculars, and character.

Here are some of the things I m involved in: I am treasurer of a club and publicist of two, but the only problem is I was just appointed. I don t have any "experience" in those positions, and I dont know the advisors very well to get signatures. I have a total of 234 service hours, but theyre scattered between different events because I volunteered through clubs, so I dont exactly have anybody to sign off for them. They are however logged on a spreadsheet for each club. I am also starting to get into golf and starting to volunteer for the library next year. Again, I haven t participated enough and am not sure if I should list these.

I really can t think if any other activities I am involved in.... please help!

1 Answer

  • Tavy
    Lv 7
    5 months ago

    So wait until next year when you have more experience. Why are you doing it so early ?

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