What are car mechanics perception of paying $1200 repair for a Honda Civic LX 2004 model?

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    12 months ago
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    The car is probably only worth about that much, so it seems like a false economy.

    However... you could buy a 2014 Honda Civic for five times the price, and then have it need a $1200 repair. How are you ahead. ??

    Basically, you need to take a look at the car and what it’s worth to you. Does it satisfy your requirements of space, economy, reliability (other than the repair). This car easily has another 5 years in it if it is otherwise mechanically sound. You likely know its quirks and have replaced a bunch of things on it already. That’s better than trying to sell it (you’ll get nothing) scrap it (same story) trade it (even worse) or just leaving it to rot in your driveway.

    Generally, I run cars until they are dead. The only things that generally aren’t worth fixing are blown engines, blown transmissions, very bad rust, and electrical problems of an unknown quantity to fix that prevent the operation of the vehicle.

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  • 12 months ago

    If it's a low mileage vehicle with good tires, brakes and the transmission works it might be worth it.

    Figure out what it costs to replace the car.

    Source(s): Mitsubishi Master Tech
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