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I m going to start training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, what are some things I need to know before I sign up for classes?

I ve been a fan of the sport for awhile now and have been interested for years.

I do have some specific questions, and am just looking for advice before I go to a bjj school.

1. Gi do I find my size, do they come with pants, and should I expect to be given a gi when I sign up?

2. What other gear should I go purchase so that I m always prepared and don t show up without the proper equipment?

3. What are some things to avoid doing so I don t upset coaches or be accidentally disrespectful? I m a pretty humble guy and I understand not to talk trash and be aware that pretty much everyone there could choke the hell out of me if they wanted, but are there certain traditions that I should follow as to not disrespect the art?

4. I m interested in the self defense factor and am not really interested in competing at this point, but are their any advantages to competing vs just training for self defense/fun?

5. This is by far the dumbest question, and this isn t a factor in wanting to do this, but is it frowned upon to wear a red gi? I ve just always thought red is the coolest color on a gi. Kinda like Ken from street fighter lol.

Other than that I don t really have any specific questions, but feel free to leave any added advice.

I m excited to get started on the long journey to learn as much as I can in the art of bjj.

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    All of this will be answered when you start. As for gear you usually get what the school prefers or buy from the school. You probably would buy all needless things i you just bought before your first class and not knowing what you would really need.

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      helpful answer;also,maybe good to research places& the techniques they include, class session durations, oufits they use, whether they incude sd, & prices, before selecting a particular place, eg, many BJJ places are almost entirely sports & include very little sd, some have specific outfits, etc

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