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Two long, straight wires are parallel and are separated by a distance of d = 0.250 m.?

The top wire in the sketch carries current I1 = 4.50 A, toward the right, and the bottom wire carries current I2 = 5.60 A, also to the right. At point P, midway between the two wires, what are the magnitude and direction of the net magnetic field produced by the two wires?

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    r = d/2

    Btop = μo i1 / (2 π r)

    Bbot = μo i2 / (2 π r)

    B = Bto - Bbot

    B = μo (i1 - i2) / (2 π r) = 1.76x10^-6 T

    B is perpendicular to the plane containing the wires and is directed inside that plane

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      B is actually directed out of the page, but thank you so much for you help

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