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Itchy welts from a bug bite! Please help me identify!?

Does anyone know what kind of bites these could be? Over the holiday weekend I spent most of my time outside - sitting in grass at fairs, watching fireworks, cookouts, pulling weeds in the yard etc. Monday night on my way to dinner I was wearing shorts and back of thigh / buttocks was itchy with bumps. Next morning I noticed how bad the bumps were. I started googling and it lead me to bedbugs (lined in a row) I started turning my house upside down and going over every inch of furniture but found no evidance of bugs or stains. My husband and one year old also have no bites. Fast forward to today ( a week after itching started) I saw a dermatologist and she believes its a reaction to venom from some kind of bite but doesnt believe it to be bed bugs. Does anyone else no what this could be? I did get chewed by mosquitoes that weekend but they have all disappeared or scabbed up. I also have bite on my wrist that I got same time as the legs... it appeared to be two mosquito bites touching but has changed formed.

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  • 6 months ago

    Those are ant bites

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  • 6 months ago

    does look a little like hives....but not even a doc can tell for sure....i know of a case where a girl went to 3 docs (PCP and 2 derms) and non of them recognized the marks as bug bites....

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  • Benny
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    6 months ago

    Of course a dermatologist can't help you. This is the mark of Satan. Application of holy water can temporarily help with the itching, but exorcism is required.

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