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Why does politics have to be so divided that you just can't find a common ground?

I sense a lot of fear in the U.S. for some reason. You know, we're all human and everyone bleeds red. I find it irritating we all treat each other sometimes like buffoons all because of political differences. It's sad that our beautiful country America can't get ahead compared to other developed countries when it comes to social issues and I think a lot of that has to do with ignorance and lack of respect, which leads to fear and anger and sometimes leading to violence. If we're not too careful and if we don't care enough for each other, this would make it easy for extremists or other countries to dominate the U.S. Something like that happened before in Europe during the great depression that paved way for extremists like nazis to be created. I feel like America could go extreme either too far left or too far right the way things are going.

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    Some people in politics have recently tapped into the racial and ethnic bigotry that exists in this country in order to promote their own interests. That is the same thing that Hitler did and it drew the support of a core base that harbored those hate-based views.

    Trump started his campaign for president by describing Mexican immigrants as rapists and criminals. He quickly rose to the top of the Republican field of candidates. Whenever Trump wants to distract from his current political problems or unfavorable issues being highlighted in the news, he falls back on his divisive attacks, thereby re-energizing and riling up his base.

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    As long as the majority of the citizens have enough food and shelter to live properly, there shouldn't be anything to worry about. When times are hard, as in the depression, that's when extremist solutions become popular. So it's the economy that controls whether people will fall prey to radical cures for their troubles.

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    advertisers and marketing professionals know today what political agitators and religious hucksters have known since the dawn of audience experiencing strong emotions is more prone "buy" something (be it a brand of razor or political ideology) than a person in a calm state...and are more likely to buy that which affirms or further stimulates those strong feelings...

    ...the most-effective way to identify a buying market is to stimulate binary "thinking"...basically dividing your audience in two parts with rhetoric aimed at keeping them emotionally opposed to one another.... and then sell product to the one you identify as the most profitable....or both...

    the reason things seem to have gotten more extreme is a reflection of the control of the mega-media corporations...

    there were over 200 media groups when Bill Clinton became President.... today, almost everything seen, heard or read in the media (including the internet) is produced by one of six corporations....all of whom are following the same model...

    "common ground" means advertisers actually have to study markets and understand buyers to determine their buying habits and needs..... why do all that work when you can simply wave a flag, sell red hats to those who cheer and "coexist" bumper stickers to those that don't?

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    I just learned that the "moderates" are the problem. The rich play right where it suits them & left where it suits them. They have found common ground together.

    That common ground has fallen on everybody else and is suffocating them. Where they need more freedom everything is controlled, where they need help- they are on their own.

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    The beauty of American politics is we can be divided, we can voice opposition in public.

    We see the other side of the story, from migrant people from every country in the world.

    People with differing opinions usually results in compromise, which keeps America on the right track.

    European countries do not agree or there would be no Brexit vote.

    Saddams Iraq, China, Cuba, N. Korea and many other countries all agree, and not divided, and they have far less freedom.

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    You can agree to disagree, but the problem is that there are so many people who play partisan politics while normal people would find things to agree and disagree with in both parties.

    Look at Raisin Cain he attacks the you because I assume you wronged him in the past. That is not how you come to agreements, that is how you get to hate your fellow Americans.

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      So you are too stupid to be able to fvcking read my post. Not surprising for a blue-faced troll.

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    It’s the American culture.

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    You started OK, then you went off on your leftist bullsheet.

    Have you seen what is going on in other countries??? I get real sick of hearing how horrible the US is, when I know the fvcking truth and the fvcking truth is that the US is one of if not the best country in the world.

    You want me to agree with you and pat you on the head and act like I should be polite to someone that denigrates this amazing country?

    You want to talk about respect? OK. RESPECT MY RIGHTS!!! I have the RIGHT to disagree with you.

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    LOL. There are a LOT of countries out there that have a lot more political dissent and violence than we do....

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    Because one side has no desire to act in a bipartisan manner.

    - Rep Clay & the Phufus painitng

    - Unwilling to evaluate the American Healthcare Act

    - Actions during the government shutdown

    - manner in which the Salute to America was handled.

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