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What all do you carry with you when you go running/how do you carry it?

I run with my dog everyday. I take a waist belt with me to hold my phone, my keys, dog treats, and a bag to clean up after him. I also have headphones sticking out of it. I take a water bottle with me, and obviously the dog, on a leash. It works for us but sometimes it just seems like a lot, and other people I pass seem to be carrying nothing, but they must have at least they’re keys, and probably they’re phones too, are they wearing the waist belt holder too?

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    I have a waste pack, where I put my phone, keys, and a small bottle of hand sanitizer.

    In the winter, I include various combinations of gloves, mittens, and glomitts, depending on the weather. On very cold days, I include a large pair of mittens. They are too large to fit in the waste pack, so, if I'm not wearing them, I hang them from the waste pack belt.

    I lost my keys once, and had to retrace my route to find them. On a 12 mile run, I lost my phone. As a result, I added a lanyard for my keys, and put my phone in a zippered pocket in a zippered pocket. So, two zippers have to be opened to lose my phone again.

    I also carry 1 liter of water.

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    When I go running I try not to carry a lot of stuff BUT there are some things I like to have with me. I listen to music but I have a tiny mp3 player that clips to my clothing. If I carry water, I have a nathan water bottle in a holder that fits on my hand (so I don't have to actually hold it) and it has a small pouch where I can put a key, lip balm, ID, etc). If I don't carry water, then I'm hands free. I carry my phone for emergency phone calls AND because I run an app called "Charity Miles" that tracks the miles I run (corporate sponsors then donate $ to the charity I've chosen, based on the miles I and everyone using the app runs). My phone is usually either clipped to my waist or in a pocket on the leg of my shorts. Sometimes I do wear a waistbelt and then the phone can go in there.

    This time of year I carry a sweat towel because I HATE sweat running down my face, but it's usually hanging around my neck and run through the straps on my sports bra so it can't blow away.

    When I walk my 2 dogs (I don't run with them) I carry less stuff. I have usually 3 "poop bags" stuffed in my pockets or my bra (if no pockets). I have my phone in a pocket or on my waist, and that's it. We only walk 30 mins or so (they have a big backyard to run/play in). Years ago when I'd walk them for at least an hour, I'd carry a backpack with a bottle of water they could drink from and tweezers to pull sandspurs from their feet - we have lots of sandspurs in the area of FL where I live).

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      When I took the dog for a walk on a hot day, I would carry a pie tin, and planed the route to go by an office complex with an outdoor plaza that had a drinking fountain. I found out later I could use the fountain to put water into a sandwich bag for the dog.

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    Just my phone for music which I hold in hand.

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