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What to wear to staff party?

My boss sent out an email to all staff at the golf course I work at announcing a staff party. We're going to do some golf first and then head out to a restaurant for dinner and drinks. The golf is very casual, most people who work here don't golf or have much golf knowledge, including me. He said don't worry if you're not a golfer, just come out for fun and have a try at something resembling golf. It's not a real golf event. My style is usually emo/punk but I have a couple outfits that are suitable for work and don't have any band logos or rips in them. However, my work outfits also aren't suitable for an occasion like this. Is it okay to wear ripped jeans and a band shirt to this? I don't own any blue jeans, but I do have a pair of super skinny black jeans that aren't ripped.

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  • Golf: a pair of bermuda (just above the knee) shorts that are not denim and do not have holes and a collared short sleeve shirt. A polo-style shirt is perfect.

    Party: a pair of jeans that aren't ripped or torn and a collared shirt of some form or a plain black or white t-shirt. If you have a full time job, you should have a pair of dark jeans that have a tailored fit (by that, not super skinny and not baggy). You're an adult- start dressing like it.

    Remember- this is a WORK event. This isn't hanging out with your friends. This is work. Make an effort.

    • leeceve
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      no, I'm not an adult. I'm 15. it's a part time job washing golf carts and I usually just wear 3/4 leggings and a polo.

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  • Pearl
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    7 months ago

    i would just wear whatever you want, its not like youre going to work

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