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Ramadan section: I would like help understanding some of the verses from the quran. here are just a few I need help with.?

sura 8:12 instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers ''smite them above their necks and smite all their finger tips off...sura 2:191 kill thedisbelievers wherever you find them,,, sura 2:193and fight them until there is nopersecution and religion shall only be for allah;; sura 39:50 fight them till the only religion is islam… they are over 100 more verses like these . so who can explain why allah is so violent?

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  • sam
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    5 months ago
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    Muslims change the meanings as per the need of the hour. If they smell blood they come out screaming verses from their Ouran justifying their violent actions.

    As soon as they face a backlash, all the peacemakers come out from the woodworks claiming how Islam has been defaced by enemies of Islam and giving "true meanings "of such verses by "true Muslims"!

  • 5 months ago

    Imagine the Christian Bible telling Christ followers to kill non-believers

  • Mintee
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    5 months ago

    These verses were given during specific wars that people fought against the early muslims.. God gave muslims the right to fight back or be slaughtered.. These however are NOT against normal innocent people outside of war.. these do not refer to terrorism in the slightest.. laypeople misinterpret these to think it means muslims should go out and kill everyone... if that were so.. since a 3rd of the world are now muslims.. dont you think if we muslims were to kill all non muslims, that there would be a massive world wide slaughter by now.. well no it hasnt happened.. in fact.. if that were so.. how on earth would islam had spread.. Mohammed didnt come down from the mountain with guns or swords a blazing,. NO, in fact, he invited everyone in his town to become a muslim.. he didnt murder anyone.. think logically here..

    • tom5 months agoReport

      why don't you provide some proof for your lie? I have read the quran and hadiths and I took over 600 pages of notes as I did. im not a brainwashed fool and I know more about islam than any of you fools!

  • 5 months ago

    These were people who double cross Islam and violate the treaties being done with the Prophet in Madinah. They secretly sign another treaty with the enemies of Islam and ready to stab Muslims at the back in aiming to kill the Prophet and wiping out Muslims from the face of the earth , especially in Madinah. By the help of GOD , the Prophet was on the upper hand ,fighting the defensive war with them and finally chasing them out of Madinah from their besieged with their allied . From this incident , then GOD command The Prophet to manage with these traitors and hypocrites with severe and decisive measurement ,as mentioned in Al Quran to suit their evil actions and crimes committed against Islam.

    • tom5 months agoReport

      god ''sponge bob''! now tell me you find sponge bob evil just like your brainwashing has told you to do!

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    You will not hear a single Muslim try to answer this. They want to pretend their religion is peaceful.

    • tom5 months agoReport

      why do muslims art this site do nothing but lie and refuse to learn the truth?

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