Ideas for a plot surrounding a romance in a story?

I'm writing a short little story in my free time. I've written a few pages, and while so far I haven't had issues moving the story along (introducing the character's lives, and the starting of the romance). I need a plot to drive the characters forward, and I want something that isn't directly tied to the romance. Essentially I mean

No story centered around issues between them like one of them moving away which complicates things, or drama like a love triangle, or one of them having trust issues or keeping secrets.

I want the 'plot' to be an outside issue dealing with the world around them, like maybe some supernatural phenomenon or weird/bad things going on in their neighborhood (they're high school students btw). So the romance will be influenced by this, but the conflict /of/ the romance isn't the plot. If that makes sense.

If anyone has ideas I would be super grateful.

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  • Marli
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    6 months ago
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    You have two outside issues in your question "like maybe some supernatural phenomenon or weird/bad things going on in their neighborhood (they're high school students btw)." Both are mysteries. Have you developed them?

    What brought the two students together? I mean, do they work at the same convenience store and have customers come in complaining about the Diet Coke making them ill? Has a chapter in every copy of a science textbook in every high-school and library in their town been vandalized, and they are determined to find out who did it? Why did they decide to partner in solving the mystery? Was a sports event an upset win or loss for no apparent reason? Was the game thrown? Was drugs or betting involved? Were they on the same student committee but did not agree on say, the theme of a party or the layout of the newspaper? If you are in high school, you know your high school has a grapevine of gossip, who is in and who is not, who the nerds and the jocks are, the "office politics" of the school. You are closer to what goes on in a high school than I am. Think of your school's gossip and office politics. What's the important topics and what isn't? That might give you clues to outside issues that could bring about or break apart a romance.

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  • 6 months ago

    A broken home is always a good idea.

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  • Andrew
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    7 months ago

    The boy, named Harriman Xander Percival, (aged 17, 5'8, 112 lbs., jet black hair, blue eyes, confident, yet warm-hearted, carves figurines from bars of soap in his free time), is approached by aliens whilst on a school field trip to see some Native American carvings in a remote canyon. The aliens give him a suit which endows him with superhuman abilities, including X-ray vision, super strength, and sustained flight; however, his X-ray vision is limited only to seeing through wood... his super strength only applies to hefting things that happen to be purple, and he can only fly 4 feet off the ground. Thus hilarity ensues whenever he attempts to "save the day."

    The girl, Cassibel Greyswan, (aged 16, 5'6, 99 lbs., light brown hair, hazel eyes, shy and reserved, yet spunky, sensitive and brooding, but hopeful), discovers that her parents are actually Iranian spies who were radicalised during a backpacking trek through Central Asia in their university years, and they communicate with their contacts in Tehran via a go-between, one Behrooz Khalashadi who goes by the name "Moe Shiraz" and runs a used furniture shop. Over time, her parents begin to struggle with their mission to destroy the West, and after several failed attempts to kill Harriman ("Manny", to his friends), they gradually come to embrace life in their wacky Ozark Mountain town of Axeblade where the bumbling yet corrupt sheriff, Jim Taggart, has accepted a bribe to allow a local petrochemical company to dump industrial waste in the state park that abuts the town.

    Can Manny see through the wooden door at the sheriff's office and catch him accepting his bribe red-handed? Will his hare-brained scheme to paint all of the drums purple so that he can lift them pay off? You never can quite tell what's going to happen next in Axeblade, Population 437 Friendly People!

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  • 7 months ago

    The stories I enjoy most are when the plot comes from the characters. I find stories where the character’s are just reacting to their environment boring. So look to your characters.

    Maybe ask what do they want most? Then put some obstacle in their way. Like a character wants a basketball scholarship but is flunking math. Maybe they feel they have to cheat to pass or they hear about a mysterious “tutor” that can give them what they want. Or maybe a character wants to be popular and then is suddenly included with the “in” group but doesn’t understand why.

    Or ask what is the thing your character fears most? Then make that happen. Like they have a little brother/sister they are close to and the sibling (and maybe some friends) fall into a mysterious coma after camping in the woods. Or their best friend starts to ignore them but they don’t know why.

    Exploring your characters is a good way to come up with a plot.

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  • 7 months ago

    It's your story, not ours. You are supposed to be the one coming up with ideas.

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  • Kelley
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    7 months ago

    Bi racial couple with racist family

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