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What do you feel where the main tensions and events that influenced the development of the Cold War between the U.S. and the Soviet Union?

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    Stalin was a duplicitous dictator who sought world domination. And that would come at the expense of western capitalist nations including the US and European nations. The USSR exported terrorism and espionage all over the world. And it continued to build up its armed forces and acquire nuke weapons after WWII ended.

    It was clear the Soviet Union was preparing to undermined and acquire western nations by force as soon as it could. It already showed its stripes by acquiring the Balkan States and Eastern Germany right after the war. That's when the US and Europe formed NATO, with the major aim at preventing Stalin from carrying out his plans for world domination.

    And that began the Cold War.

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    Communism works better for the despots if there is no one across the border living better than you do, so the pressure is to try and impose communism to your neighbors.

    Capitalism works better for the large corporations if there are places that they can exploit and pilfer, so the pressure is to try and impose poor living conditions to those places.

    Those places would therefore see communism as perhaps a way of improving their fate...

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