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When doing a self tape audition, should I send multiple versions?

From the sides I’ve been given, I can read the character as cocky or as ignorant- both two different vibes. I want to show I am versatile, but should I only keep it to one? What would the director think if I sent two?

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    You should follow the casting director’s directions for the self tape - whatever they are. These directions can include things like what to included in the slate, the length of the piece, the number of takes to include, when the audition is due, if the different scenes should be sent as separate files or all part of one file, what type of file to send, and the like. Follow the directions exactly.

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    5 months ago

    If you send two different takes on a character, you are definitely going to be wrong on at least one of them. Do what was said in another answer. Follow the directions.

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