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PLEASE ANSWER? Who would have most likely of done this?

Okay so near to where I am a month ago I noticed a load of very offensive and racist graffiti at an underpass, it said some very horrible stuff such as 'kkk' 'whites only' it had several swastikas and 'murder all n***as'. I am just curious to know, yesterday I walked along their and noticed someone had covered it up with spray paint. Who would it have most likely been do you reckon? Whats the most likely. Just wondering who would actually go out of their for it, any help appreciated, will reward best answer

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    Either people who work for the city or a good Samaritan white guy or some rightfully pissed off black people. One of those three. Most likely? City workers.

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  • 6 months ago

    Cities have departments responsible for this, and workers who cover up offensive griffiti.

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  • Squid
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    Most likely? It was most likely the highway crew responsible for cleaning graffiti in the area.

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