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Why is my 3 month old like this?

If he’s crabby at home and I take him to a store or a different location, he’s most of the time better and he is calm and isn’t fussy. Even if I tske him to the store and put his car seat in the cart he’s fine and just looks around everywhere. Even if I take him outside when he’s crying he calms down immediately

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    I think he’s bored. My daughter did the same thing. Sometimes a change of scenery is enough to calm them down or just distract them.

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  • LizB
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    6 months ago

    He's gotten old enough to be more aware of the world around him, so changing surroundings is very engaging to him. My first was exactly the same. Sometimes I'd take him to the grocery store just to wander around, because looking at all the lights and colors and interesting new things was calming to him.

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