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When should I take a test?

My period is due today, but no sign of it. I've been feeling all day like I have a UTI, though. Pain in my pelvis, feeling like I need to pee but only a little trickling out every time I try. A coworker told me today I "look" pregnant and asked if I was sure I'm not. I haven't taken a test yet because I didn't want to waste money in case I got my period. I've also been the majority of the day. When should I take a test? And I'm trying to conceive, so I did have sex numerous times in my fertile window and I had unprotected sex on my ovulation day.


I also have sore breasts, nausea, fatigue, irritability, emotional, cravings and strong sense of smell.

Update 2:

Oops, I've also been dry heaving the majority of the day. I can't seem to shake the feeling of needing to throw up and I've almost thrown up once now.

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    You need to see your doctor for a UTI test. They can certainly run a pregnancy test at the same time, but your symptoms clearly indicate a UTI. Doesn't mean you AREN'T pregnant, but you need treatment for the bladder infection as well.

    If you were pregnant, you certainly wouldn't "look pregnant" yet, nor would you be at the point of morning sickness if your period is just due today. The nausea is due to the UTI.

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